Songs of the Sixth Sense: Jon Gomm

Songs of the Sixth Sense: Jon Gomm

I thought Michael Hedges had come to the world again in the form of Jon Gomm . . . until I realized for that to happen Hedges would have had to have passed at least a decade earlier. The present wunderkind, Jon Gomm—although not yet in full bloom as a songwriter—has made a lasting imprint on my soul with a recent song he’s written and performed on YouTube. It’s called “Passion Flower” (see below).

What is it that produces a song from the 6th sense, that sense beyond the five senses that is often called “intuition”? There is performed music that shows mental and physical  skill, music that has heart quality, and music that combines those two and adds a third: ripened soul quality. Not easily definable, when soul quality appears in a song, it gives one a sense of timelessness; of agelessness, regardless of genre, medium, language, or culture.

I’m on the lookout for such “soulful works of art” because they  seem to have within them a honing device to the center of the human heart that transcends all of what one knows as “emotional.” The feeling such music calls forth is not angst, anger, or fear, nor sentimental syrup.  It is the pure emotion of “free flowing energy” that I can only describe as serene joy or joyful serenity with always . . . always a touch of longing.

I give thanks for artists like Jon Gomm who are on the planet. These have tapped or plugged into the Source. And we can only bask in the bliss and perhaps answer to the call of our own soul . . .  to nurture it, sing to it, provide a fertile piece of land for its journey here. Our souls want so badly to be expressed through us, through this or that means . . . it doesn’t matter. I have an inkling it is why each and everyone one of us is here. May all of you . . . Bloom! Bloom!


Wikipedia: Jon Gomm is an English singer-songwriter and virtuoso performer, using one acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and melodies simultaneously. His songs draw on a range of influences and styles, including blues and soul. Michael Hedges is an important source of inspiration. To date he has two solo albums and has toured full-time since 2004.

Passion Flower

Born in your tiny prison cell

A million times smaller than you are

One single drop and your risen up

Afraid of the dark . . .

Bloom . . . Bloom . . .

You crack up through the pavement

In super, super slow-motion

Though your back is gently breaking

You reach for the light . . .

Bloom . . . Bloom . . .

You can see everything

We can hear everything

You can see everything

We can hear everything

We can see everything

We can hear, yeah, everything

Weakness is not your weakness . . .

You are what you grow into.

You’re not what you were . . .

Bloom . . . Bloom . . .

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