Soul Therapy

I utilize the conversation of presence, reflective reading, meditation, and transformational energy work to help put students in touch with the sacred. Holding presence with another allows for all that is not authentic within the self to surface and eventually, to dissolve.

Neale Lundgren PhD

Energy Blocks

Energy blocks arise from mistaken assumptions and immature beliefs, misdirected desires and unresolved emotions, and negative habits and unbalanced lifestyles. Energetic blockage results in ambivalence and periodic detours on the inner journey.

Emotional Blocks

Emotional blocks arise from repressed or suppressed issues that hinder one’s ability to trust in a benevolent principle governing the universe and guiding one’s progress. Emotional blockage leads to viewing oneself negatively as a helpless victim of fate, doomed to struggle against insurmountable odds, instead of being able to appreciate and tap into one’s inherent potential both as an authentic individual and as an ensouled being.

Mental Blocks

Mental blocks arise from inadequate conceptual models for appreciating one’s potential for growth and integrating them into daily living. Mental blockage causes anxiety and confusion, either deterring or deflecting one from being purposeful in life and seeing one’s journey as a series of fulfilling numerous purposes. Our deepest purpose will become clearer as we proceed along these lines.

Fear is overcome through self-acceptance and the desire to learn without shame. To risk being who you are begins the path of developing inner skill. Connecting with your soul—your true essence— connects you with what is natural about you. Your soul mind can teach you how to be natural. Your material mind teaches you how to be unnatural. This is what “shadow” work from the perspective of soul is all about.


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